Manure Odor Control

HDSChile is distributor of Active NS. Product to control the odour emissions of slurry.

Active NS is a 100% natural product composed mainly of three different types of pre-processed clay minerals. This unique combination gives the product an exceptionally high ionic exchange.
Active NS powder works on the principle of exchanging negatively and positively charged ions. This binds the ammonia to the slurry, which causes to be greatly reduced the ammonia vapors. Also, the product has a positive effect on the slurry when it is agitated, because it is produced a more homogeneous mass, and it is easier to handle. Active NS improves biogas yield.

Facts about Active NS:
In 2015, FORCE Technology (one of the largest international technology consultancy companies) carried out a sample collection and an analysis in a Danish pig housing unit, with Active NS added to the slurry, FORCE Technology concluded that Active NS reduces odor emissions in the housing unit by 38% and ammonia emissions by 45% per 1000kg of pigs.

Active NS

Corrosion and Toxic Gases Control

PuroFiltro AA80 is an efficient solution for the elimination of corrosive and odorous gases. PuroFiltro improves the air quality in electrical rooms, hospitals, airports, control rooms in chemical companies, data centers, museums, etc.

Effective against H2S, SO2, NOx, Ammonia, Chlorine, Formaldehyde and others.


Water Evaporation Control

Flotadores Shade are spheres that cover water surfaces. The transformation power of this technology offers innovative solutions for your needs.


Two are the main causes for water evaporation: temperature and superficial area.

Flotadores Shade help in the effective mitigation of those two causes at ultra low cost.

The Flotadores Shade create a superficial floating layer covering more than 90% of the surface. At the same time, they decrease UV rays going into the water, keeping the temperature, and reducing the algae formation. Due to its spheric nature, they adapt to any water surface, independenly from its design and size. When the water level increases, they create again a simple layer in the surface.


  • Coverage more than 90% of the water surface
  • Reduction of evaporation
  • Isolation properties to save energy
  • Reduction of algae and microorganisms growing
  • Savings in chemical products for drinking water plants
  • Avoidance of UV rays
  • Reduction of odor emission
Flotadores Shade