Shade Balls are spheres that cover water surfaces. The transformation power of this technology offers innovative solutions for your needs.


Two are the main causes for water evaporation: temperature and superficial area.

Shade Balls help in the effective mitigation of those two causes at low cost.

The Shade Balls create a superficial floating layer covering 90% of the surface approximately. At the same time, the Shade Balls decrease UV rays going into the water, keeping the temperature, ans reducing the algae formation. Due to its spheric nature, the Shade Balls adapt to any water surface, independenly from its design and size. When the water level increases, the Shade Balls create again a simple layer in the surface.


  • Coverage of around 90% of the water surface
  • Reduction of evaporation
  • Isolation properties to save energy
  • Elimination of algae and microorganisms growing
  • Savings in chemical products for drinking water plants
  • Avoidance of UV rays
  • Reduction of odor emissions
  • Reduction of dust in water sources
  • Wind-resistant
  • Reduction in the circulation of birds and mosquitos



Diameter: 4 inches, approx. 100mm

Material: HDPE (high-density polyethylene)

Color: UV-stabilized black

Filling: drinking water

Quantity of Shade Balls per square meter: 128

Lifetime: more than 10 years

Quality Standard

Shade Balls are certified by NSF/ANSI 61, standars that sets the minimum requirements for the effects on health of materials, components, products, or systems that are in contact with drinking water and/or chemical agents for drinking water treatment.